Guest Authors on CSSnewbie

Published April 13, 2008 by CSS Newbies.

I’m going to be in Europe for the next two weeks. However, the show must go on, so in my stead I’ve rounded up several guest authors who will tackle various interesting topics while I’m away.

Over the next two weeks you’ll be reading guest posts from Scott Phillips, Chris Coyier, and Aaron Webb. They’ll be covering a diverse number of topics – from understanding the difference between Quirks and Standards mode, to learning the pros and cons of using CSS frameworks. Also, Jeremy Harrington will be stepping in to bring you great CSS resources from elsewhere around the web.

So have a great couple of weeks, one and all! I’ll be back in action April 28th. Until then, be sure to visit the guest authors’ websites, and give them a great conversation to look forward to here on CSSnewbie!

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