10 Best Free CSS3 Frameworks of Year 2015

Published February 11, 2015 by CSS Newbies.

Now that the internet can be accessed on any mobile device, whether a laptop, desktop, tablets, smartphone, websites are designed in responsive web version. It is the ability to change the page and font size according to the screen size of the user. Thus a website is accessible anytime on any instrument. CSS3 frameworks were widely accepted in 2014 and is growing in 2015. It reduces time and money by helping not creating different sites for different users.

Frameworks are now for modern website with simple, crisp and clean designs. Such designs are easy to load on Wi-Fi networks and are appealing to consumers. If you are not a professional IT person you may find it quite difficult to write the code. This may want you to outsource the website writing. Instead, there are free HTML and CSS3 frameworks which are damn easy to use and improve the functionality of website.

Here are top 10 best free CSS3 frameworks 2015 available to help you design your website and promote your work:

1. Gumby

It is one of the simplest frameworks with super flexibility. Any newbie can use this framework to design the website and create grids. It has useful features and is compatible with almost all browsers.


2. Bootstrap

It is one of the most popular frameworks because of the ease of use. It is an open source and has an extensive list of features.


3. Kube

It is a quick and simple way to create a website with options for colorful labels, various tables, button option and lots of other helpers. It doesn’t limit the pixels and thus is flexible for all mobiles and tablets.



It is also a open source framework which uses modern CSS technique. It is a collection of HTML/CSS components with its own SCSS file. It uses an easy variable to change the whole look of the website, like color in just a second. It has device, wrap feature which is like a fake screen of devices to give you the actual feel of the website after designing.


5. MontageJS

It is open source software designed to change the way IT guys build software. It supports by creating single page applications with a high quality user experience. It offers a modular approach to organize code and components.


6. Blueprint

It claims to reduce the website development time by offering easy to use grids, neat font styles and useful plugins. There are tools, editors and templates to help you in every step of designing the website. There is a reset option to eliminate any discrepancies in browsers.


7. Yaml 4

There are various themes available with a toolkit to help you design. It is also built on Sass framework and with only size of 5.9 KB of framework core. It is tested on various browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.


8. Semantic-UI

It is the best framework to create a 3D animation website. It offers freedom to designers by offering high level variables and creates an inheritance system with just over couple of lines.  There are almost 3000+ CSS variables for any kind of framework.



It is a responsive CSS grid system with a unique feature of rapid prototyping. It has built in debugging CSS to show the structures of pages created. It offers to make lightweight websites without usage of Photoshop, thus mobile friendly websites can be created.


10. Pure

It offers very small CSS modules for creating the framework; especially for mobiles. It has minimal styles and responsive layouts for grids, tables or menus. It builds on Normalize.css and is perfect for any screen size.  You can create fast and robust websites using it.


So, these are all my picks for best free CSS3 frameworks 2015 that will help you to design the website you want. Let us know if you have any recommendation that you feel will be in the list of best CSS3 frameworks 2015.

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  4. Paul Browne (reply)

    This is free :)

    I created a pure javascript grid system that’s under 1kb It allows you to use any grid style you want, eg. 9, 12, 16 columns, has upto 5 responsive breakpoints, extra small, small, medium, large and huge (although you don’t need to use all of them), you can center, offset and displace columns. And best of all, It automatically calculates where to clear floats.


    Use it
    Abuse It

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  9. Jens Oliver Meiert (reply)

    I’m feeling free to point to a little book on the matter, The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks. (It’s free, so I hope that’s fair.)

    Why I’m bringing this up is to encourage more discussion around the concept of tailoring, which I deem critical for professional, especially commercial, websites. Tailoring is something that gets mentioned far too infrequently. That there may be good arguments for other approaches is exactly motivation then to encourage conversations. (I’ll subscribe to comments here but mean this more in a sense of industry debate.)

  10. Damon (reply)

    I found new framework. it’s name is forbica.
    it has one main feature that is Supporting RTL and LTR. it’s really fantastic that there is no need to code for none of them any more.
    Forbica Website

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  12. Amanda Ayers (reply)

    Very nice list! I think that by far the most versatile and future proof of them is Twitter Bootstrap. I use a very good framework built over it, it is called Prepbootstrap, they have created many widgets and templates out of it. You can check it out at http://www.prepbootstrap.com, it is worth it, check it out!

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