7 HTML Tutorials You Should Check Out

HTML5 is the future of web development and provides endless inspiration for web development beginners. Even the giants in this technical field like Google and Apple are working with HTML5 for more advanced web development. But beginners can also learn how to use HTML5 effectively with tutorials and  example websites which are available. Here is a list tutorials that web designers shouldn’t miss.

1. Coding of HTML5 & CSS3 – One Page Website Template

Through this tutorial users can easily learn how to code a CSS3 and HTML5 for single page website templates. Even the demo is also downloadable.


2. Future is in your Hand – Creation of an Elegant Website

If you are creative  then this tutorial is perfect for you. It will help users to learn the conversion of CSS & HTML from PSD and also will provide support to make your website as perfect with great ideas.



3. Design of your Own iPhone Apps


How happy would you be if you could design your own iPhone apps by using this tutorial? Every beginner should try this at least once. By using HTML5 and some of the CSS3 codes, users can design some cool apps for iPhone. The release of this tutorial has generated a lot of excitement in the design community.


4. Make some Unique Forms using HTML5


London-based web designer Inayaili de León created this tutorial that will help users to design HTML forms using some new CSS3 techniques.



5. Be a Blog Designer- Using HTML5

Designing a blog often requires some tough choices. But using this guide can help design a blog with your original ideas and some new CSS3 codes.

6. The Technique that we all need: HTML5 with CSS3

During this tutorial beginners can learn how browser vendors implemented the finalized specifications of any website using HTML5 & CSS3 codes.



7. Offline Web Application – An application to Grab

Beginning developers can learn how to develop mobile applications in offline mode using HTML5 standards with this guide.

This are the 7 most helpful tutorials related to HTML5 for beginners. Use a search engine to look for more. Hopefully these tutorials have provided help and inspiration to beginners who want to proceed with their web designing ideas.

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